Cameron Lowe Recaps Basketball Season


Cameron Lowe 11 dunking against The Vista Ridge Basketball Team. “I just step in and fill a void when needed,” Lowe said. “My role on the team is to be a leader and be there when we need anything. If we need a defender I would step up. If we needed a point guard or ball handler I could do that.”

Elliot Bauer, Ranger Review Reporter


Cameron Lowe 11 is a Junior at Lewis Palmer High School. Lowe plays for Lewis Palmer’s Varsity Basketball Team. He has played varsity since his sophomore year here at Lewis Palmer. The boy’s basketball team made it very far in the state playoffs, going all the way to the Elite 8. Along their journey came challenges with keeping up in school.

“We lost to the state champions Mead Mavericks and I believe we were the better team, we did not play to our potential that night,” Lowe said. “Managing school and basketball was hard. The thing that was most effective for me was just time management. Finding ways to get school and work done before games or after practice was very important for managing both school and basketball.” 

This season was not like other seasons. With Covid-19 still around, players were only allowed to have two spectators per player. Although only 2 games were cancelled, the team had to quarantine due to a player testing positive. 

“Each player got 2 tickets for parents to attend games and at the end of the year, but more people were able to come into games with student tickets,” Lowe said. “Quarantine during the season was the worst. One player tested positive and we had to then take a 2 week break from all activities. It was very frustrating to sit out for that long during the season. We also had to maintain shape and basketball form at home. I would change the length and schedule of the season. With Covid, the season was condensed and we only played 12 regular season games as a team. I was also hurt at the beginning of the year. I wish the season could have been longer and less condensed.”

Basketball is not a one man’s game. It’s a team sport. If everyone on that team doesn’t show up, the team has a chance of losing that game. Staying with each other for the whole season is not an easy thing to do. Luckily The Lewis Palmer Basketball team was able to. Whether that was pre game rituals, trying to stay motivated after facing a hard loss, or not being able to have the official’s calls go their way.

“The team always has rituals to prepare for games,” Lowe said. “We all go through the same warmup and same routine. For me, I get to the gym early to get shots up and stretch. I listen to music and take this time to focus and prepare. Honestly, a loss made the team and I more motivated. It highlighted our mistakes and made us hungrier the next game. With Covid the crowd was smaller but basketball is what I’ve been doing my whole life. When I’m on the floor I never notice the crowd so I feel no expectations to perform well other than ones I give myself and my teammates give me. As a team we can’t worry about officials so when calls or certain things don’t go our way we just look forward to the next play and focus on us.”

Lowe has played this sport for a while so he’s expected to perform at a high level every game. Lowe is considered a leader on the basketball team and showed it every game they had this season. Lowe’s goal after high school is to play Division 1 basketball or a professional league somewhere. 

“My role on the team is to be a leader and be there when we need anything,” Lowe said. If we needed a defender I would step up and do that. If we needed a point guard or ball handler I could do that. Even being a scorer. I just stepped in and filled a void when needed. I have been in contact with many coaches, from Division 1 to NAIA. I believe I can bring anything to a team. With my size, being 6 foot 5, and ability to handle the ball I feel like I can fit into any system and affect the game either by scoring passing or defense.”