TianYu Melzer is an aspiring student body president


“I want people to know that you don’t have to be on the student council to be a leader. I believe that really sets me apart from the other candidates.” TianYu Melzer 11 campaign poster for student body president from her Instagram @tianyu_22.

Kacy Mull, Ranger Review Reporter

TianYu Melzer 11 is running for student body president for the school year 2021-2022. A very active member of the LPHS community with participation in Key Club, LINK, Sources of Strength, POMs, track/cross country, Melzer has high aspirations for both the school and herself. 

Beginning her journey as a middle schooler, Melzer joined the student body and it immediately caught her attention with the excitement of being able to do something good for the school. 

“I first joined student council in 7th grade and I did it in 8th grade. I really wanted to bring the excitement and joy of putting on events to people on a large scale,” Melzer said. 

While she had no rank in middle school, Melzer quickly rose through the ranks of the student council in high school. 

“I was vice president freshman year, vice president sophomore year, and this year I have the honor of being junior class president,” Melzer said

During her time on the student council, Melzer put in a lot of work to help the school such as planning many popular activities that many love. 

“I want to make people feel like they have a place to belong. With hours of work we put in, it’s amazing to see how it all turns out when you see things in the hallways and people compliment like ‘that was so much fun or ‘that’s so pretty,” Melzer said. “It makes it all worth it because these people deserve so much.”

It’s not the recognition or popularity that Melzer is aiming for. She wishes to help the students at LPHS be as great as they can be. Her motivation to make people happy is also a common trend in Melzer’s motivation to be an active member of the student government. 

“I want to help others reach their potential as a leader, their goals. Student body president is a title but it’s so much more than that because I really want people to reach their full potential and their passion and their creativity. I think I’m a good model of that and I can help this community to strengthen themselves,” Melzer said.

Melzer believes that this care for her fellow students is what makes her such a good candidatee for student body president. This includes advocating on behalf of her fellow high schoolers. Even though the joy on her peers’ faces is enough for her, Melzer works hard to ensure that student voices are heard no matter how much work she has to put in. It’s not only for others but it’s personal to her as well. 

“I love helping others. It’s been super exciting and lots of fun being able to work with admin, my peers, there are just some amazing people and I love it,” Melzer said. “It also provides a creative outlet for me. Just putting on and being able to create something that you know people are going to have fun at. It’s an amazing thing to be a part of.”

Melzer wants to make LP fun again while also taking into account the concerns of her peers.

“I just think that fun is something everyone should be able to experience and have something to look forward to,” Melzer said. “I want to show people that I want to go the extra mile and that I really care about this community and whatever happens, it will still be a very positive place to be.