Alyssa Brainard continues competitive skiing despite distance


Alyssa Brainard 10, skis at Mt. Hood in Oregon in the middle of July. “I love being surrounded by the fresh mountain air.”

Samantha Copeland, Ranger Review Reporter

Alyssa Brianard 10 participates in softball, lacrosse, spikeball club, and HOSA here at LP all while being a competitive skier. Brianard typically participates in conventional ski races. However, this year she will be competing with Coppers’ Team Summit in skier cross.

“Skier Cross is a speed race, where you try to get from Point A to Point B the fastest. The difference between conventional ski racing and skier cross is there’s four skiers on the course at once, while in conventional ski racing, there’s just one skier on the course at once,” Brainard said.

Brainard dedicates most of her free time to training and even spent her summer in a different state in order to perfect her craft.

“For the more competitive kids who really want to make it their career, the season is year round. I actually went to Oregon this summer to ski with the more competitive kids,” Brainard said, “On regular weekends, Saturdays are mandatory for training, I then try to go Sundays, and if I can Friday. It’s hard because we live two and a half hours away from the mountains,”

Due to her extensive training Brainard has been successful in a couple of terrain races and hopes to continue winning. 

“I did a park competition, got second place, and I won a ski goggle cover, a t-shirt, ski wax, and a ski sharpener,” Brainard said, “I also have gotten 20th place out of 150 people. I am hoping to get some more first places this season,”

Brainard not only loves skiing but she loves to spend time in the mountains with a community that makes her feel good. 

“I really like being in the mountains, that’s a big thing for me. Not everyone gets to look at those views while they’re practicing the sports they love. I enjoy the community behind skiing, it feels like our home,” Brainard said.