Sophia Bounces SpikeBall into LP


Sophia Lampros 10 shows off her SpikeBall that’s going to be used in her next match. Her preparation for the game includes becoming ‘one with SpikeBall’ and listening to ‘pumped up music’.

Lily Poteet, Ranger Review Reporter

Sophia Lampros 10 is a long time player of SpikeBall who recently jump-started an evening SpikeBall Club at Lewis-Palmer. The popular phenomenon is a game that consists of a singular ball and a net. Played with two teams of two, the objective of the game is to hit the ball onto the net in order for the other team to not return it back onto the net successfully.

Sophia’s SpikeBall journey began by her sister Olivia being fascinated by the sport. Olivia and her friends played at Fox Run Park, inviting Sophia to come along from time to time. Before long enough, Sophia realized that there wasn’t a SpikeBall club at school, so she took her idea of starting the club and put it into action.

SpikeBall enthusiasts to first time players gather every other Wednesday typically in the Lewis-Palmer gym. 

“The next one is September 22nd. We will hopefully have it outside this week, but let’s hope the weather stays super nice,” Lampros said. 

Sophia said, “One of the best things about the club is that no one has to be an absolute pro to play.” 

“Anyone can play. I got Mrs. Tardiff to play SpikeBall. I have kids from PR at my SpikeBall club,” Lampros said. 

With being the president of the LP SpikeBall Club, she happens to have a few secret tricks up her sleeve. She tends to bring these out during a match, although she’s hesitant on letting the public know of her confidential schemes. 

“Well, I don’t want to say it and give it away, but I’ll just say it’s a fake,” Lampros said. 

For a pro-SpikeBall player to prepare for a match, she advises players to get ‘pumped up’ by listening to upbeat music to get into the competitive mood. 

Sophia emphasizes that SpikeBall is a fun community to be in. The teamwork orientated activity can also be a great way to meet new people and become more associated with the students, SpikeBall pros or not. To Sophia, SpikeBall means having a community of friends and being active.

“It’s playing a sport, even if you’re tired of your own,” Sophia said.

With that, she encourages everyone to come to Wednesday night SpikeBall and be ready to spike some fun.