Cooke runs a business


Cole Cooke 9 takes a leap of faith with his new business. “I really debated starting my business this summer, mainly because I knew high school, sports, and a business would be alot to juggle, but I’m glad I did because it’s turning out to be a very good asset to my life,” Cooke said.

Hannah Wagner, Ranger Review Reporter

Cole Cooke 9 is a small online business owner who designs custom crocs. Cooke enjoys bringing a smile to his customers face by doing what he loves. 

The business is fun, because I get to do something creative and make something that someone will cherish for a long time,” Cooke says. 

 Depending on the drawing complexity Cooke charges $25 a pair. The process is very simple. 

“I purchase the off-brand crocs at Walmart, and then draw on them. It’s as simple as that,” Cooke says. 

Cooke is very proud of some of his work. Some of his designs have been Stitch, Mike Wasouski, Puah, Simba, Pooh, Tigger, Tom, and Jerry.

“I am most proud of the Pooh and Tigger crocs, which were my very first order,” Cooke said. “ It sprung the idea on me after my best friends’ love for crocs and Winnie the Pooh shined through and the idea came together.”

Sometimes he does free hand drawing and other times he uses references, like clip art and very basic images.

 “I prefer animated characters but I’ve been expanding my variety of realistic drawings as well,” says Cooke. 

Cooke has had his business for a little over a year and has 7 customers. 

“I haven’t had many customers yet but I’m hoping to get more now that I’m in high school,” Cooke said. 

Cooke doesn’t expect his business to go very far but is happy if he can bring joy to people’s lives, even if it’s a limited amount.

 “I like what I do because of the look my customer gets when they put their brand new pair of shoes on; you can see their world light up, some people really cherish little moments in life and I am one of those people,” Cooke said.