Monika Shaffer brings self expression to LP


Monika Shaffer 10 looks at clothing items that peak her interest and fit her style and personality. She entered styles and brands she was interested in, and styles that she felt fit her personal style at the time showed up for her to scroll through. “If I find something, and I have a vision for it , that’s kind of where I take it, and from there, that’s where it takes me and my personal style,” Shaffer said.

Samantha Laudner, Ranger Review Reporter

Monika Shaffer 10 enjoys developing her personal style and experimenting with different clothing pieces that she wears to school. Shaffer likes to thrift and find unique, new things to add to her closet.

“I like to get a lot of things from thrift stores, just because it’s an affordable way to find clothing that you can style that’s nice,” Shaffer said. “Depop and Shien, those kinds of stores are cool.”

Affordability, individuality and the ability to incorporate it into her own personal style is something that Shaffer looks for while shopping for something new or used. Anything that can be styled.

“I really like to look for shoes, I think they can bring an outfit together and I think it’s really fun to try to find shoes that are kind of like used or old and then you can clean them and make them look better and kind of give them another purpose,” Shaffer said. “I also do like shopping for tops just because I think you can take them and add clothes or different layers to it, and you can kind of make your own, and there’s a lot of different directions you can go.”

Shaffer’s personality reflects onto her style and how it dictates what she wears each day. Its how she feels about her style.

“I’m a very outgoing person, I’m very extroverted, so my personality has already taken a big influence on my style just by having the kind of confidence to try different things,” Shaffer said. “I think being able to style an outfit with jewelry or being able to be a little bit bolder in your fashion sense is a little bit extroverted too because it kind of can draw attention and times and that’s not a bad thing.”

Something Shaffer thinks is important is expressing yourself and doing things in your own unique way. The importance of self expression is something important to her.

“It’s pretty fun to just express yourself in that way find things that make you happy in your outfits and styling and make it more you. So I think it definitely gets you more in touch with yourself for sure,” Shaffer said. “It can be a learning experience, getting away from most of the trends and kind of and if you like it, it’s good enough, it doesn’t have to be good enough for everybody.”