Nate Swayne Works Hard to Save for his First Car


Nate Swayne holding up a pair of car keys. The keys are not his yet but belong to his dream car.

Cole Rountree, Ranger Review Reporter

Nate Swayne 11 works hard at the bistro on 2nd street. He can be found bussing tables at nights with the friends he works with or can be seen skating around town.

“I’ve worked at the Bistro on 2nd street as a busser,” Swayne said. “At the moment I’m pretty much just working but I like to skate in my free time.”

Nate Swayne has been working at the Bistro nearly full time to save up for a new car which he hopes to be a Ford Focus.

“My goal for working at the Bistro would be to save up for my first car, a Ford Focus,” Swayne said. “I work probably 35 to 40 hours a week but for more time I can work in the dish pit.”

Due to Swayne working nearly 40 hours each week and going to school everyday his social life and hobbies have been impacted.

“My social life has decreased a lot since working full time,” Swayne said. “I’m not able to go out as much, I pretty much just work and go to school but the money is really good.”

Once Swayne gets the car he is saving up for by working at the Bistro, he wants to go on many adventures; the first adventure is going to Denver with his friends”. “I plan on picking up some of my friends and going on a little road trip to Denver where we are gonna skate around and go on many fun adventures.” says Swayne.