Kayla Sunata returns to Lewis-Palmer


Kayla Sunata, Resource teacher is teaching a math concept to help strengthen understanding for a student. “ My dream vacation would be to Japan, It means something special because my ancestors came from Japan,” Sunata said

Brody Dickson, Ranger Review Reporter

Kayla Sunata is a new teacher at Lewis-Palmer High School, she is teaching Resource and has recently returned to LP after graduating in 2014. 

She expresses her creativity through writing, drawing, and playing video games.

“In my free time I like to play video games, I like to draw, write, and I will read if I have time.” Kayla Sunata said. “I love working out, I’m constantly at the gym, or running somewhere.”

Sunata enjoys drawing and has been drawing for a very long time. She enjoys drawing because of the ability to create anything that she would like to without anybody to tell her what to do.

 “I’ve been drawing since elementary school, all my homework throughout middle school and high school has doodles on it,” Sunata said. “I like to draw because I can be creative and do what I want. That sounds kind of selfish but being able to just draw what I want.”

Sunata grew up in Colorado and she is not planning on leaving the state any time soon. There are many different aspects of Colorado that she enjoys.

“I like the people, and I like the altitude, because it feels better than when you go down to sea level, it feels better to be up at a high altitude the whole time,” Sunata said.  

Sunata has dealt with many tough things before in her life. During that time she looked up to her grandmother Who had been fighting strongly against an illness at the time.

“I look up to my grandma because she was pushing through cancer, so she was very strong, pushing through cancer, at that point when she was still alive, she was my hero,” Sunata said.

Although Sunata’s original plan was to work in social work, she enjoys being a teacher and teaching students to help shape their future. She ended up saving on her college tuition by choosing teaching as an occupation.

“Before that I planned on being a psychologist, so working like human resources or therapy. The School was expensive for those fields,” Sunata said. “That’s when I decided the next best field that I thought I would be able to do what I still wanted to do, and that’s how I ended up here teaching.”

Sunata is always wanting to help people in a way that is impactful to others and is interested in helping gain better understanding of concepts for students as a resource teacher.

“What motivated me the most was I wanted to be able to help,” Sunata said. “I wanted students to succeed later on not just in school but even out of school being able to be like hey this is what I want to do for a living, or this is what I’m thinking of being.”