Zulkosky expands on life as a quadruplet


The Zulkoskys quadruplets 9, and their younger brother pose for a picture in Fox Run Park. “People say that Me and Madison look alike, and Zach and Zoe look alike,” says Connor Zulkosky

Cole Aggers, Ranger Review Reporter

Connor Zulkosky 9 is one of four Zulkosky quadruplets  at Lewis-Palmer high school. Maddison, Zoe,  Zach, and Connor all are unique, but are all similar.  

“None of the us are identical, but people say that me and madison look alike, and Zach and Zoe look alike,” Zulkosky said.

All of the Zulkoskys play sports, except for Connor. Zach plays football, Zoe plays soccer, and Maddison play softball.  

“We all pretty much hang out with the same people, and I guess we like go to each other’s sporting events, like I would go to Zach’s football game,” Zulkosky said.

The Zulkoskys are close. They like hanging out with each other. And they hang out with the same friends.

“We have cousins that are quadruplets also, and inside of the quadruplets, there are identical twins. Like 2 of the 4 are identical,” says Zulkosky. 

They Zulkosky quadruplets have a younger brother also named Jaxson. The oldest is Maddison then it goes Connor, then Zoe, then Zach. Zoe and Maddison share a room, and Zach and Connor each have their own. The Zulkoskys usually go with visit the relatives on their mom’s side. 

“We rarely ever go on family vacations, ” says Zulkosky. “ Because its a lot of money for seven people. And when we do its usually a work trip with my dad.”  

The Zulkoskys were assigned a color at birth so their parents could identify them. Their parents didn’t match their clothes as a kid. 

“A lot of teachers are you surprised by the fact that they have quadruplet, and most of them have never had a quadruplet in their class before.” 

Quadruplets are pretty rare, about 1 in 11 million people are quadruplets. 

The Zulkoskys were each named uniquely for different reasons. For example Zoe was named because her father saw a Sign with her name on it, and he thought oh that would be a good name. The Zulkoskys also pretty much share everything.

“ If we buy something that’s ours. It’s ours. And then if you don’t touch it for two months, and someone wants to use it, you can’t go off on them for wanting to use your thing when you haven’t touched it for a month.” says Zulkosky