Blake Mikalson Pursues his Dream


Blake Mikalson working on a new song in his in-home studio. Blake has been working on music for a little over 5 years now.

Cole Rountree, Ranger Review Reporter

Blake Mikalson 12 continues to work hard towards his future, fully committed to graduating early from Lewis-Palmer Highschool. Blake has been making beats for years and even makes them for people.

“Graduating early will allow me to start making money working with my dad sooner so I can save up to start my music career,” Mikalson said.

With the help of his dad’s business Mikalson hopes to get an early jumpstart to success. He has already been working with his dad for some time.

“I have been working with my dad for over two years now, almost three, I plan on joining my dad’s company and working towards that.” Mikalson said.

Mikalson still hopes to make music in the future once he has enough money saved and can focus his time on it.

“I hope to save enough for music equipment in the future. I hope to make music that people can ]enjoy and have a good time while listening to,” Mikalson said.

Mikalson has a backup plan for if music doesn’t work out, or if he changes his mind in the future. 

“I want to be by my Dad’s side and watch what he’s doing so I can build up my knowledge and my big goal is to one day be as good as he is at what he does.”

Mikalson is excited about graduating early and working with his family. Blake is nervous for adulthood, but is ultimately prepared to go out in the world.

“My brother also works for my dad’s company,” Blake said, “I’m nervous about some things in adulthood but I think I’m prepared.”