Balancing School and Sports


Ashten Gerk playing during a game against the Terrors. Ashten’s position is attacker on the team.

Cole Rountree, Ranger Review Reporter

Ashten Gerk, senior, enjoys dedicating some of his free time to be a part of Lewis-Palmer high school’s Lacrosse team.

“I play lacrosse for Lewis-Palmer high school, I would say I am involved in lacrosse 5 to 6 months of the year.” Gerk said.

During those months Gerk practices hard with his team whether it’s everyday or 3 times a week.

“Well for spring sports which lacrosse is technically in we practice every day but in the fall lacrosse it’s a couple times a week.” Gerk said.

Gerk has had to balance sports and school throughout highschool doing both practice and schoolwork after the day ends.

“It’s a little bit easier this year because I’m a senior but in the past I would have to balance it with more schoolwork in school and after practice.” Gerk said.

There are other ways lacrosse has impacted Ashten Gerks life besides school.

 “Lacrosse has impacted my life because I’ve been playing as long as I can remember so when I think about previous times in my life lacrosse has been there.” Gerk Said

AshtenGerk has been playing lacrosse his whole life and has taken away many valuable lessons from his time with Lewis-Palmer High School.

“Important lessons I’ve taken away are good self control and good team skills. I am going to miss hanging out with the team and all the fun stuff that we did.” Gerk said.