Perry finally makes Varsity Baseball Team


Mason Perry 11 up to bat playing with his club team. “Whenever I’m up to bat I’m pretty focused,” Perry said. “I never freak out. I have my thoughts with me in the back of my head and I’ll I’m thinking about is the next pitch I’m going to get.”

Elliot Bauer, Ranger Review Reporter

Mason Perry 11 is a Junior at Lewis Palmer High School. Perry has been playing baseball for awhile now. Making a big accomplishment, Perry made the varsity team for the first time in the 2020-2021 baseball season. Perry is not a new face to this sport. He’s been playing since he was a little kid. Perry has played for Lewis Palmer for every season.

“I’ve played baseball since I was 4,” Perry said. “Out of all the 3 years I’ve been here this my first year making varsity. It’s a pretty special feeling being on a team where everyone is committed to winning a state championship.”

Tryouts were normal, but due to Covid, games will have an impact on the season. The team is still able to practice. The first game coming up soon. Perry has a designated position but is ready to play wherever.

“Tryouts were nothing crazy this year,” Perry said. “ We were just sticking to the normal things. I usually play outfield but I can play infield as well. Our first game is Monday May 3rd against DCC. We have practice every week day from 3:00-5:30. We will not have practice on game days but we might have practice on Saturdays. We have about 3 games a week this year because of Covid.” 

Perry is considered a leader and great teammate on and off the field. Perry does in fact have a superstition that he’s always gone along with. 

“If I do good for one game, I’ll wear the same baseball pants the next game,” Perry said. “ I can bring heart and motivation to the team. My role is to be one of the leaders because I’m considered one of the older guys now. I think that’s a little crazy. It felt like I was a freshman two days ago. Time flies by.”