Lewis-Palmer’s hockey face off on Palmer Lake


Creighton Smith

Cameron Hurt 12 (Left), and Cooper Ciesielski 12 (Right) pose on the ice during their game against Cheyene Mountain. Because of the pond rules, Hurt, goalie for Lewis-Palmer, only had a small calf height goal to worry about.

Joseph Brandon, Editor In Chief

Last Tuesday the Lewis-Palmer hockey team squared off against Cheyenne Mountain in a non exhibition pond game held at Palmer Lake. Lewis-Palmer’s junior varsity team won their outing over Cheyenne Mountain 5-3 but the varsity team fell 4-1.

Unlike regular ice hockey rules, pond hockey has many changes to the rules, space and time. Usual standards like the goal size and amount of periods played were changed to fit the new setting atop a frozen Palmer Lake. 

“The biggest difference was that the nets were a lot smaller. I think that was so we could keep the puck on the ice when we shot so we didn’t shoot it over and off the ice,” Michael Manzo 11 said. “The ice was a lot smaller than usual. There are no offsides or anything like that. It just wound up being two 20 minute periods.”

Being outside, the conditions that are normally controlled are less so, with no heaters being available near the ice. The cold also changed the way players skated. With the ice being cooler it was never wet and often seemed smoother to players. 

“On the sidelines it was colder than normal, but once you actually got started and played it wasn’t terrible. It was only a little colder though,” Manzo said. “The ice is really smooth and it felt a lot better, to me, than a regular rink.”

Many of the players enjoyed the change of scenery from their traditional indoor rink. Some even hope this pond game will become a new tradition for the Lewis-Palmer hockey program.

“Honestly it was just a blast to play on the ice, and I’m really glad we did it,” Manzo said. ”Playing on the outdoor ice was different but a lot of fun. I think they are going to do it next year and start it as a new tradition.”