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Chloe Walker, Ranger Review Reporter

Chloe Walker, senior at Lewis-Palmer High School, is a second year reporter and first year Co-editor-In-Chief of the Ranger Review news team. During her sophomore year, Chloe was also a Westwind yearbook staff member . Chloe's favorite animals are any type of cats, big or small. Chloe is a high achieving and devoted student that participates in both in-school and out of school activities. Beyond the classroom, Chloe enjoys playing volleyball, doing art and travelling. Many high level and AP courses have filled Chloe's schedule over her four years of high school. Chloe has acquired two volleyball letters and one academic letter. A degree in Communications and a passport full of stamps can be seen in Chloe's near future.

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A typical student’s load of already outdated textbooks stacks her work space.

Are our class lessons old news?

Chloé Walker, Ranger Review Editor-in-Chief
March 12, 2015
Snapping and printing candid shots, Aeryn Kiewicz  excites her passion on the football field during last falls Senior Sunrise.

Every Captured Moment is a Memory

Chloé Walker, Ranger Review Reporter
February 2, 2015
Leelah Alcorn as she truly was.

It took the grave to hear her voice

Chloé Walker, Ranger Review Reporter
January 29, 2015
Junior, Grayson Sharp proudly shows off the black decorative ring that he wears everyday.

Increasing popularity in rings

Chloe Walker, Ranger Review Reporter
December 10, 2013
Seniors Sam and  Adrian take advantage of the heat by wearing shorts.

Colorado in an Indian summer?

Chloe Walker, Ranger Review Reporter
November 18, 2013
High schoolers no longer trick or treat and replace tit with other activities.

What does Halloween look like for high schoolers?

Chloe Walker, Ranger Review Reporter
October 29, 2013
Cover of the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas

A review of “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

Chloe Walker, Ranger Review Reporter
October 14, 2013
Do students prefer Facebook or Instagram in this new social media age?

Facebook vs. Instagram preference

Chloe Walker, Ranger Review Reporter
October 8, 2013
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Chloe Walker