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Kacy Mull
Kacy Mull is a junior at Lewis-Palmer High School, returning to the newspaper staff as a Ranger Review Reporter after a three-semester hiatus. She enjoys writing, reading, and researching. Kacy is a jack of all trades, having the ability to adapt her interests to her situation. Despite earning high grades, Kacy is a burnt-out former “gifted kid” with her anxiety being the only thing keeping her GPA afloat. She loves all animals from dogs to snakes to guinea pigs. Kacy is currently on a waiting list for a hedgehog. Her long term goal is to own a St. Bernard and a snake. Career-wise, she has no idea what she wants to do and is planning on going to a community college for her required credits and moving on from there. 

Kacy Mull, Ranger Review Reporter

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Kacy Mull