Language Immersion camp in Minnesota attracts Colorado students

The students fly over Colorado on a Delta airplane on its way to the twin cities in Minnesota

Elizabeth Beagle

The students fly over Colorado on a Delta airplane on its way to the twin cities in Minnesota

Elizabeth Beagle, Ranger Review Reporter

Hit by the chills and snow of Minnesota, Lewis-Palmer language students arrived on March 19 in Minneapolis and later rode a bus to Bemidji, MN. Though it was twelve hour of travelling, the students were excited to attend the Concordia Language Immersion Camps.

“The trips to and from the camp were actually really fun; I was able to hang out with my friends for 12 hours,” Lauren Ritchie, 10, said.

Concordia Camps are a series of language camps run by the Concordia College that owns land around a massive lake in Bemidji, MN.They currently are hosting 15 different language camps including French, Spanish and German.

From the moment the students stepped off the bus, they were engulfed by the foreign language that they were studying for two and a half days; hearing nothing but German, French or Spanish. All activities, literature and speaking was all done in the language that the students were studying.

“Hearing the language that I study 24/7 was much more beneficial to my learning than just doing worksheets and vocabulary in a classroom,” Ritchie said.

The students are encouraged to speak the native language and leave any English outside of the camp. No electronics were permitted during the duration of the students’ stay in attempt to have the students interact with each other. Exposed to a different culture, the students were able to get a sense of a different lifestyle.

“My experience at the camp was very different from my daily life in Colorado. I learned about culture, danced and played the popular games native to the country I was studying,” Sarah Cox, 9, said.

Though it was a long 12 hours both to and from the camps, the students felt that they had not only improved in their language, but learned new culture and found new, different experiences.

“Concordia was an opportune experience; I got to meet new people, speak Spanish with my friends and play sports. I hopefully will be more fluent in the Spanish language next time I go to Concordia,” Tucker Miller, 9, said.