Homecoming Was “Nacho Average Night”


Sophie Artley, Ranger Review Reporter

Homecoming week came to a close with the homecoming dance, “Nacho Average Night.” The dance was held on Saturday night at Lewis-Palmer High School. Students flooded into the commons as loud music boomed and bright lights flickered. The students were all dressed up in sparkly dresses and fancy shirts and ties.

“The dance was really good this year,” Homecoming court member Jenny Allenspach ,12, said. “The DJ’s played good music this time and it was really fun getting to joke around and loosen up with my friends.”

Students were thrilled with the dance and most had a lot of fun. The theme for the dance  this year was “Nacho Average Night,” a Mexican fiesta.

“I was ify about the theme,” Allenspach said. “I really enjoyed our Candy Land theme last year, because it was easier to collaborate with. I just wasn’t impressed this year.”

This year high schoolers were somewhat disappointed with the theme. Some people complained that the theme was to mainstream, and not creative enough. Others had just expected our student council to be a little more creative.

“They [student council] did do a good job for a fiesta. The theme was just not very fun or interesting,” Kaiya Tange ,9, said.

This year’s theme may not have been as exciting as it could have been, but in the end students had a fun time. This year’s homecoming dance was definitely “Nacho Average Night.”