Softball Girls Defeat The Bears


Macayla Trottner, Ranger Review Editor

The Lewis-Palmer High School softball team took a big win last Wednesday the 23rd, against Palmer Ridge High School at home.

“It felt great to win, well amazing actually, because they’re our rivals and obviously everyone wants to beat their rival team,” Megan Nunez, 11, said.

The team played Palmer Ridge during Lewis-Palmer’s homecoming week so the game already had very high tensions. The team was nervous all week leading up to the game so the girls did everything possible to calm down before the game.

“I was extremely nervous because Palmer Ridge is our biggest opponent and it is the biggest game of the season. There was a lot of pressure on us because if we lose then we would feel horrible for the rest of the week,” Nunez explained.

“Before a game, especially this one, I go home and I take a nap,” added Nunez.”Usually I would also have a protein shake and carb load so I am all ready for the game.”

The team prepared all week just for this game, but they always make sure they do not sike themselves out.

“We like to joke around a lot and make sure we aren’t being too serious,” Nunez said.

The team’s tight bond was an essential component to win the game. They cheer each other on from the dugout and they encourage each other to play their best.

“Being with the team and hanging out with my best friends is the best part of being on the softball team. Of course winning is a plus, but at the end of the day I’ve met the most amazing girls and I know we will be friends for a long time,” Nunez said.

The softball team came out with a win 13-3, crushing Palmer Ridge.

“Mrs. Gregory [Teacher at Lewis-Palmer High School] brought us cookies to celebrate our big win over our biggest rivals,” Nunez said.  “I am so proud to be apart of such a resilient team, and I cannot wait for our next game.”