Paving the Track to the Pool


Elizabeth Beagle

Erika Hartel runs at the Arapahoe Invitational representing Lewis-Palmer’s girls cross country team.

Melaney Cook, Ranger Review Reporter

The competitive aspect of sports has athlete  Erika Hartel, 9, striving to succeed in two varsity sports at Lewis-Palmer High School.

“I exercise by choice because I love it,” Hartel said. “ I love it because other than just doing school, you can make new friends, learn new techniques and life skills. The coaches and the other people push me to be better.”

Hartel runs cross country for Lewis-Palmer High School and she is able to run a 5k with a previous record of 24 minutes 54 seconds.

Hartel is also a swimmer on the Rocky Mountain Rapids Swim Team. She swims the 100 yard Fly, the 100 yard Backstroke and the 100 yard Freestyle with many different distances. Her goal is to get her 100 yard Fly in under 1 minute and 10 seconds.

“I know I’m not going to be making it to state for swimming this year but I’m really looking forward to trying to letter in swimming, and maybe going to state later in high school,” Hartel said.

She is looking forward to her first year at Lewis-Palmer High School with her classes, teachers and sports. She is excited to learn new things and make new friends.