Freshman impacts the community with her pageant reputation


Mark Brodie

Hammitt’s headshot for the pageant.

Macee Trottner, Ranger Review Reporter

Java Hammitt, 9, has recently taken on the challenge of participating in beauty pageants. Hammitt took on extreme pageant training and decided she was going to give pageants a shot and just see how she liked them.

“I never saw myself doing pageants, but I kept receiving invitations from multiple pageants so I said why not try it. My first pageant was this past year and I was extremely excited,” Hammitt said.

Hammitt went to her first pageant this past year and was given the opportunity to receive the title of Miss Colorado Teen. She was appointed on September 25, 2015 and will be crowned under the official title on January 1, 2016. This being her first pageant she has ever participated in, Hammitt was shocked by the fact that she had won the Grand Supreme title.

“All I could keep thinking was ‘Oh my goodness, this is real. I cannot believe I got this title on my first try.’ The hard work I went through for the pageant definitely paid off when I heard that I had won Miss Colorado Teen,” said Hammitt.

The pageant included an intense, closed interview process that she had to undergo. Any teenage girl in the state of Colorado was eligible to compete for the title of Miss Colorado Teen. Once Hammitt was appointed under the title she took on many responsibilities.

“My responsibilities as Miss Colorado Teen include maintaining a strong involvement in community service, to possess a  desire to effect a change in the community and to set examples for others to do the same for the community,” said Hammitt.

Since Hammitt has not been crowned yet under the title Miss Colorado Teen not much has changed in her everyday life. She continues to remain humble and tries to do the best she can to uphold her responsibilities as the Miss Colorado Teen.

“I know that I am a role model now, but not much has changed due to the fact that my reign does not start until January 1. I look forward to making public appearances at charity events, parades, NFL, NBA and NHL games,” said Hammitt.

Hammitt is obligated to maintain strong leadership and debate skills, good interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate an idea or agenda. There is great deal of  responsibility that goes into being Miss Colorado Teen such as the ability to accomplish all the goals given to her and maintaining a good academic achievement resume.

“I was basically interviewing for the job of representing the state of Colorado and that is exactly what I do. I am proud to be representing the youth as Miss Colorado Teen,” Hammitt said.

Hammitt will be allowed to compete for Miss Colorado when she turns 18 years old. She is looking forward to pursuing her career in pageantry, and cannot wait for the opportunity to go against others for the bigger title of Miss Colorado.