Joining the Rangers


Lauren Kim, Ranger Review Reporter


Being a new student can be challenging for anyone moving during the middle of the school year. Domenic Crockett-Leye, 9, is currently a new Ranger joining Lewis-Palmer High School from Erie High School located in Erie, Colorado. Traveling often because of his father’s car auctioning business, he has attended 15 different schools located across the United States such as Arizona; California; Nevada; Oregon and other states in the East Coast. Crockett-Leye has never been able to continue his academics in the same school for more than a year.

“We don’t usually move in the middle of the year, we usually move at the end; It’s not hard moving into high school, but it’s been difficult,” Crockett-Leye said. “Seeing where you guys are comparing to where we were is kind of challenging.”

Crockett-Leye moved on November 17, 2015 right before the semester ends. Crockett-Leye been living in Colorado for the past 3 years.

“Colorado is definitely different from the past states I’ve been in,” Crockett-Leye said. He first started attending Lewis-Palmer High School December 2, 2015 and he is hoping to stay and graduate before moving again.

“This school is much more confusing,” said Crockett-Leye. On his first day he was not aware that a student had to bring his/her school ID everyday to get in. He claims that his previous school was smaller and simpler than Lewis-Palmer.

Having missed the original tryouts for sport activities, he is given the chance to have a private tryout for the Rangers basketball team. Grateful for the opportunity, he is a bit overwhelmed having just him, the judges, and the empty court. He is focused on keeping his grades up so he can continue playing sports.

Crockett-Leye will be trying his best to make it through his high school years as a Lewis-Palmer Ranger.