College information night

Albert Bush, 11, getting his information for college.

Elizabeth Beagle

Albert Bush, 11, getting his information for college.

Lauren Kim, Ranger Review Reporter

Every year, Lewis-Palmer High School hosts an annual College Night, one during early October and another mid February. College information night consists of various vendors and sessions from different colleges and agencies that talk about everything from financial planning, foreign travel programs and in/out of state schools.

“The sessions are geared toward information and resources helpful for students. We do it to offer resources and information to the district families,” Megan Githens, a 12th grade school counselor, said. “Be prepared, plan ahead, don’t wait until your senior year to start thinking about it, it’s never too early.”

The college information night differs from the college fair held in October, as the college fair has no sessions and consists information about community college and universities only.  The College Fair is where students can talk to Admission Representatives from each college. It is set by the Colorado Council for High School Education, which is a program that brings colleges from all over the region and United States to visit high school’s and talk about what they offer.

College Information Night, which is to help prepare students’ talk more about preparing financially and mentally for college.  There were sessions for financial aid planning, how to see if colleges were a good fit, athletics, transition from a community college to a four year college and booths for military as well as foreign travel programs.

“I think it’s helpful to go annually, there are some things that apply specifically for seniors, such as the financial aid workshop to help fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) forms,” Githens said. “I think if you go every year, you’ll get something out of it.”

Some things, offered in the college information night are meant more for juniors’ to help transition into senior year, but there are also things to help prepare freshman and sophomores’ get a better understanding of colleges and their futures.  

Aaron Crocker, 10, interested in a career for graphic design, attended College Information Night and found different colleges, such as UNC (University of Northern Colorado) for his future. During his time there, his view of different colleges expanded by seeing all of the different vendors and colleges available. He is still looking around for the right college but going to College Information Night has helped him guide his future career.

“I learned the details and general information about some of the colleges,” Crocker said, “It just widened my eyes to see how many options you can go to of all of the different choices for colleges.”

Another student preparing for college, attended College Information Night and gave his opinion of the ups and downs of college. Albert Bush, 11, is planning  on attending Pikes Peak Community College for two years and then transition to Colorado University Boulder, majoring in the medical field. This was his first time attending any College Information Night.

“I would recommend this to everyone, including freshman, it organizes your thoughts and give an idea of what colleges would be a good fit,” Bush said. ”I learned that colleges are very expensive, so I better prepare for that.”

Overall, this night is intended to help students’ prepare early for their college plans and career goals.
“The world is a hard place, down the line you’ll have challenges in your life, so be prepared and start thinking early about what you want to do in life,” Bush said. “College Information Night has helped me start my future plans and help sort out my impressions for college.”