Jumping into spring break

Flying over the clouds; on the way to adventure,.

Lauren Kim

Flying over the clouds; on the way to adventure,.

Lauren Kim, Ranger Review Reporter

As spring break approaches, students attending Lewis-Palmer High School pack their bags or their pantries in preparation for this week long break. There are many different ideas in store for spring break, instead of sticking to the traditional visit to Hawaii every week off, some students’ are doing things they have never done before.

Kloe Buzzell, 9, is going to visit her grandpa in Phoenix, Arizona for 4 days. She has not seen her grandfather since last June of 2015. Her grandpa, 83 years old, recently moved there due to his respiratory problems, so Buzzell is going to help him with his house, by cleaning and setting it all up to be livable.

“I’m super excited, I want to use this time to reflect and hang out and get away from school and not worry about studying or anything. It feels good to do something nice for my family,” Buzzell said.

Tristin Crane, 10, will be going to Copper Mountain for a week to ski with his dad. Crane usually goes skiing annually during his spring break as a bonding time for him and his father.

“It should be really cool, I like Copper Mountain a lot because my dad and I go there a lot and I’ve been going there since I was really little so it should be fun to go up for another week and hopefully we’ll have some good snow,” Crane said.

Danny Rios, 11, is planning to compete in a couple of  CORX, Colorado RallyCross, races in Fountain during his spring break. He competes in many different kinds of races, CORX is more local and RMEC, Rocky Mountain Enduro Circuit, which is around the state. He competes with a local team here in Monument, formed with teens around town.

“I’m definitely looking forward to it. There’s different students’ here that I race with so it’s really exciting,” Rios said. “This is my first year back racing since I was younger, but I had been riding for my entire life.”

Noah Sathre, 12, will be traveling to Phoenix, Arizona with the Lewis-Palmer Varsity Baseball Team . They will be competing in a Bob Invitational Baseball Tournament with 120 other teams from around the region. During his stay there, he might visit and have dinner with his sister and brother-in-law. This being his first time being on a baseball team, he is excited for the trip.

“Well I didn’t play baseball last year, I was on the football team, but I just know that being on a team at all is great, it’s always fun building relationships with the team and coach,” Sathre said.

Brett Lester, Coach and Civics/Physical education teacher of Lewis-Palmer High School, will also be attending the trip to Phoenix, Arizona. The team will be staying in the Embassy Suites North for four to five days.

“For the rest of spring break, I’m going to give the athletes time off to spend some time with their families and friends and give them a break,” Lester said.

The mountains covered in a dusting of snow.
Lauren Kim
The mountains covered in a dusting of snow.

Spring break is a time for new beginnings and cleaning out those old baseball bats, shining those dirt bikes and cleaning out those old suitcases for visits to extended families.