Art Show

Students and families attending the Art Scholarship Program.

Lauren Kim

Students and families attending the Art Scholarship Program.

Lauren Kim, Ranger Review Reporter

The Arts Scholarship Program is an annual district event run by the AAFCU (Air Academy Federal Credit Union). The show was created to help recognize artistic talent within students around the state. Held in the District Administration Building, students and families came from both Lewis-Palmer and Palmer Ridge to acknowledge the paintings, sculptures, and photography it the art show.

Kayla Ross is the art program coordinator for the Art Scholarship Program for Lewis-Palmer D38 and eight other districts. She along with other members of the AAFCU set up the art program within a few days.

“The AAFCU is very supportive of art, this is our way of recognizing something that doesn’t get appreciated enough,” Ross said. “there’s recognition for sports and music, but rarely anything for art, so this is a great way to appreciate great artists.”

Stephanie Crow, Lewis-Palmer High School art teacher for fifteen years, believes that this in an amazing opportunity for students to express themselves. Crow wishes to get more students involved.

“There is so much talent and I wish that kids would get more of an opportunity to participate in art events,” Crow said. “The AAFCU is extremely encouraging of artists from all ages”

Crow gave students time to prepare their submissions a couple months before the event.

“They took a basic assignment and turned the direction towards something very personal,” Crow said. “I taught them basic handbuilding techniques such as making a pot using coils, but my students represented their own artistic style by choosing different glazes and showing their own techniques in their piece.”

When examining the artwork, judges look for craftsmanship; something neatly made; work ethic; and clean effort. 3 art teachers are brought in from each district to help study the diverse artworks set up around the building.

Brinn Elmer, 9, won 1st place for her 3D art project. It was a ceramic piece, laden with coral reefs and a colorful octopus to top it off. The whole project took Brinn around a week to complete. Her reward for this piece was not only the satisfaction of first place, but also a $100 check to spend as she pleases.

“Art is my escape to get my emotions out. If you are feeling something; you can turn it into something beautiful. Art is my therapy,” Elmer said. “I think art can be anything as long as the person puts their heart into it.”