Saturday Night fever spreads to students at the Homecoming dance


When the beat dropped the students got low.

Creighton Smith, Ranger Review reporter

The homecoming dance is a long honored tradition of highschools around the United states including Lewis-Palmer. Students gathered in the large gym from 7pm to 11pm for dancing, fun with friends, and even conga lines were formed. Everyone got involved, resulting in some fun times for everyone.

“My favorite part was the enthusiasm. People were having lots of fun,” Christopher Martinez 10 said. 

Lots of people participated in the spirit week before the homecoming dance. The hippie day and white lies day was a big hit with the students. 

The dance started slow but kicked off with a conga line. Getting everyone involved.

“It was my senior year and I felt like I should go all out and it was a lot of fun,” Anna Grothe 12 said. 

Before the dance during spirit week there was a ticket shortage that made a lot of people very angry at the school. For some it didn’t affect them. Very few upperclassmen didn’t get tickets when underclassmen did.

“I got my ticket towards the very beginning of the ticket sales, and so did my boyfriend. They (Underclassmen) were being encouraged to sell their tickets back and get a full refund. Those tickets would specifically be sold to upperclassmen. Some kids were buying extra tickets to sell them to other kids,” Ireland Eaton 11 said.

The tickets this year sold for 20 dollars. Some questioned if the tickets were even worth that. There were very mixed opinions. 

“I think it was, they had a lot of stuff there. When it first started there weren’t any people but after it grew it was really worth it,” Martinez 10 said.

Thomas Blackmon Shows off his acrobatic skills in a dance circle that formed Near the end of the dance. Applause followed soon after the photo was taken.

Some felt that the tickets were overpriced. Although they thought it was bearable and paid anyway.

“Probably not. I wouldn’t say I had trouble paying for it, but I wouldn’t go if my friends weren’t going,” Anna Grothe 12 said.

A lot of the students felt like the DJ and music was a little lackluster and repetitive. The DJ’s inability to read the crowd seemed to agitate students. Especially Cam Lowe 12.

“[He] kept playing EDM remixes. We need newer songs, everything was pretty generic,” Lowe said.

At homecoming people can be shy to go out and dance, but on Saturday people were getting into it. Most had fun even if they didn’t have actual dates.

“I danced with a couple of my friends. That was fun,” Adxi mayo 10 said.

All in all it seems to have been a big hit with the students despite some of its flaws.