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The double standard in tennis is real

The double standard in tennis is real

Sophia Artley, Editor

September 16, 2018

Filed under 2018-2019, Opinion, Sports

The U.S. Open Championships has received much more press coverage than in years past, and for one reason: a woman threw a “tantrum”. It all started when the umpire Carlos Ramos issued a a game penalty for what he said was coaching violation. Williams disputed the violation calling out the do...

Long-Awaited Win for Ranger Tennis

Long-Awaited Win for Ranger Tennis

Catherine Best, Ranger Review Reporter

October 14, 2015

Filed under 2015-2016, Sport

The Lewis-Palmer High School varsity men’s tennis team gathered to watch the final showdown of the evening, encouraging Ben Rowland, 10, and Wesley Stuart, 9, as they played their second set. When the ball finally ceased its flying, coach Paul Kardel joined the assembled Rangers to congratulate them o...

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