LP welcomes new students


Jakob Gibson is surrounded by welcoming students. Sam Warner and Bailey Ferrari are talking about Jakob’s interests, getting to know the new student.

Dani Murphy, Ranger Review Reporter

Imagine the anxiety of entering the front doors of Lewis-Palmer and not recognizing a soul? That’s how new students, Jakob Gibson, Jessica Rutter and Mandy Mikes felt walking through the halls of Lewis-Palmer.

 Jakob Gibson is from Denver and he’s already made some new friends and although he misses the Denver area it wasn’t a big move and so far he really likes attending LP.

Jessica Rutter is a sophomore from Ervine California Orange County and is adjusting well to Monument. Despite the fact that she has already made incredible friends she said “obviously I miss my friends from California since I’ve known them for forever”.

Rutter is taking advantage of LP’s art classes and is using her artistic ability to brighten up the hallways with her drawings. Even though she didn’t try out for soccer this season she is hoping to be on the team next year.

Mandy Mikes is a freshman from Broomfield, Colorado and moved to Monument because her stepdad received a job promotion. She says that living in the forests of Monument is different than her previous home since she can no longer walk to her favorite places.

 “I think what I miss the most about Broomfield is the cell phone service.” Mikes said.

Mikes is in a history class full of juniors. Even though it started out overwhelming for Mikes the juniors have accepted her into their atmosphere.

“I like history the juniors have taken me under their wings I feel a lot more comfortable at LP now.” Mikes said.

It is important for LP students to include the several new students into the discussions and social events to make their adjustment to LP as enjoyable as possible. LP is Welcoming the new students  into our school with open arms.