School spirit drowns out loss


Elizabeth Beagle

Lewis-Palmer staring line-up steps onto the field for their homecoming football game against Canon City.

Elizabeth Beagle, Ranger Review Reporter

Hearts pound against their chests, students cheer with the sound of thunder and the sounds of the band echo throughout the decorated stadium as the student body explodes after each touchdown. The homecoming football game was tied up, and the rangers had the possession of the ball.

​On Friday October 3, the annual homecoming football game brought out the true spirit of the students. From the perseverance of the Ranger football players to the encouragement of the student body and with a special crowning ceremony at halftime, this year’s homecoming football game was the most spirited game the school has seen in many years.

From start to finish, the football players gave their all against the Cannon City Tigers, and though they lost the game, much support from the crowd came through. Coach Dustin Tupper was really proud of his players that night.

“Oh yeah, I’m always proud of my men. They always get it on,” Coach Tupper said.

Every effort and play that night was fueled by a roaring sea of orange and black. Even the pep band, Poms and Cheer squads, along with the Rowdy Rangers, joined in to cheer on the team.

“I loved decorating my hair with black and orange ribbons and cheering on our team with the crowd,” Lauren White, 9, said.

Homecoming spirit spread throughout the game including the vibrant halftime show. Starting with the energy of the Poms and cheerleading squads to the emotional crowning of our Make-A-Wish child as the honorary homecoming queen, the halftime show summed up the remaining spirit of the Lewis-Palmer Rangers.

Fighting until the buzzer ended, the football team may have lost to Canon City 33 to 45, but their spirit never died. The team is still optimistic for their upcoming games, and the students are close to granting a trip to Disney World and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter for a very deserving girl.