Raising money for a good cause


Odenbaugh takes a pie for the team.

Preslee Enget, Ranger Review Reporter

During the early month of November, students were challenged to raise the most money by getting to throw a pie in the face of 4 teacher volunteers: social studies teachers Mark Swanson, Carrie Coats and Ellie Rank or English teacher Susan Odenbaugh. The winning class was determined by raising the most money or donating the most cans of food.
The volleyball players put a pie in the face of their head coach Susan Odenbaugh as well as assistant coach Ellie Rank. As for the other two teachers, they were pied by the few students who had raised all or most of the money for that specific teacher. Alexis Smith was the the special player to pie her coach.
“Getting pied in the face was not as exciting for me as I would of expected. It was more the anticipation for dessert. I would have enjoyed getting a pie in the face again, especially if it means the money is for a good cause. I really enjoyed being apart of this fundraiser and ,of course, seeing others get pied,” Swanson said.