Taking the classroom to the gym


Preslee Enget, Ranger Review Reporter

Lewis-Palmer’s very own Mrs. Carrie Ellis has been living a very interesting life outside of the classroom. Ellis is a Spanish teacher at LP as well as a competitive weight-lifting champion.
She has been weightlifting for 15 years on and off, and she competes within her gym at small competitions. On November 15 Ellis took part in a competition at her training gym and won.
To demonstrate her strength, she can bench 115 lbs. snatch 85 lbs. and push press 100 lbs. Not only is she a strong teacher but also a strong woman.
“I love to weightlift. It is my favorite my sport. I like it because everyday brings a new challenge. It can be difficult especially when I’m sore and tired or in a bad mood. But that’s when I need to dig deep, get focused and get it done,” Ellis said.