Jackson Neil shows his soccer talent


Jackson is always excited for the next game.

Ethan Berry, Ranger Review Reporter

Jackson Neal is a sophomore at Lewis-Palmer High School and the attacking center/mid on the boys soccer team. He strives to always do his best when playing soccer. This season, his team has had four wins and three losses in the league.

“My favorite part about playing soccer is setting someone else up for a goal or scoring one myself because I get a feeling of accomplishment.” Neal said.

A unique trait of the Lewis-Palmer High School soccer team is a celebratory tradition they do every time they make it to the playoffs: they bleach their hair. According to Neal, they boys soccer team has been doing this since around the year 2000.


“I was put in the position I’m in because I’m a good shooter and I have good vision on the field.” Neal said.

Neal is always trying to be a good addition to his team, and he never gives up on himself or his team. He tries to score some goals by himself, but only if it’s in the best interest of the team.