Girls soccer wins at home


Preslee Enget

As halftime ended Lewis-Palmer gets ready to defeat the Falcons.

Preslee Enget, Ranger Review Reporter

The night of April 7th the Lewis-Palmer girls soccer team played Falcon High School. Junior varsity had an outstanding win. They scored ten goals against Falcon’s unfortunate 0. With the varsity game coming up next, Brenna Oakey, 11, warmed up for the game.
“I’m not as nervous as the first home game we had but hopefully we can pull out a win against Falcon.” Oakey said.
As the game began Sam Kazlausky,10, had an assist to Brianna Alger,10, with their first goal against Falcon. Throughout the game the weather got colder, and the game slowed down. Towards the end of the game Falcon attempted to make a come back come back without success.
Both teams had many close goals. Lewis-Palmer had stolen the ball from Falcon several times. With four minutes to go, Brianna Alger kicked the ball into the net for her second goal. The ending score was two to zero with Lewis-Palmer gaining another win.
The soccer game wasn’t the only win. At the end of the game, Brenna Oakey was asked to prom by Sam Warner,12. Warner had walked up to Oakey at the end of her game giving her an apple. If she wanted to go with him Oakey had to smash the apple to say yes.
“I thought it was a clever way of asking her because of the recent incident at lunch. she had thrown an apple at a boy during lunch,” Warner said.