Tips to perform better in school

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Tips to perform better in school

Shane Bassett, Ranger Review Reporter

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For some students, school can be a struggle. Homework, classwork, quizzes, tests, grades and even upcoming finals can really put a lot of weight on students shoulders. However there are students who can deal with these duties with flying colors, others, not so much.

Tests can be one of the major stressors for students. Students might be under pressure about learning the content, studying, or even taking the test itself. So, I went out and interviewed LPHS freshman student, Mack Walker on some tips to prepare for a test.

“Don’t get stressed. When you get stressed for a test, you generally do worse. Have someone else quiz you because you can look over it but until you get the experience of going through a testing like process, so even if that means doing a review worksheet, whatever works best as a review,” Walker said.

A key way to become a better student is to focus on homework and classwork that is assigned. Try to work on and complete that work as quickly and accurately as possible. When necessary, it is best to seek help from your teacher and/or ask about something that is hard to understand.

Another key way at becoming a better student is to utilize time in class and study hall. Pay attention to what the teacher is saying, do not get sidetracked and take notes when possible.

“In class, I try to make sure I understand whatever we are going over that day and if we are not going over anything, I try to do any work that is related to the class. Study hall, I used to work on subjects I need more work in or a subject I’m struggling in,” Walker said.

In general, there are different kind of students. Some can come to school, do their work, go home and get good grades. But there are also those who have trouble doing this. However, if a certain set of methods and tips that are helpful to that student are followed, anyone can perform better in school.