Chargers on the Move

 The LA Chargers new logo.

The LA Chargers new logo.

Shane Bassett, Ranger Review Reporter

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It seems that yet another team in the NFL has considered and is getting a new home. That team is the San Diego Chargers. Now the Los Angeles Chargers, this movement of the team was confirmed by owner of the Chargers, Dean Spanos, that released a statement on January 12th.


For the past 56 years, the Chargers have played at Qualcomm stadium in San Diego. The Chargers have played countless games at home in San Diego and have in return gained a ton of loyal fans. However, two weeks ago, the world for the San Diego Chargers and their fans showed another side completely.


For the past 15 years, the team has been trying to obtain a deal to build a new stadium as the current stadium they play in, Qualcomm Stadium, was built 50 years ago. With no success, the Chargers had no choice but to play in an old stadium. This was only because the city of San Diego did not want to pay for a new stadium and instead thought that the Spanos family should yank the cash out of their own pockets and pay for the stadium.


So with no end to the dispute to build a new stadium, Dean Spanos thought that Los Angeles would be the gold at the end of rainbow for the Chargers. They would be able to build a new stadium in a new city. Of course to no surprise, the fans of the San Diego Chargers have created an uproar because of their beloved team moving out. However, there are still some fans that feel more passive than others but still feel upset on the whole matter.


“I have mixed feelings about it. It’s a big move from the owner to just move them from San Diego to LA and it’s honestly upsetting a lot of fans.” says Blake Bassett, a Lewis-Palmer High school Freshman student and Charger fan.


Fans of the Chargers are sending all sorts of hate towards the owner of the Chargers, Dean Spanos. Some fans give him hate via social media. Some fans contact him through a fit of rage and telling him that he is making a terrible mistake. If there is one thing that Charger fans are agreeing upon is that this is a terrible decision from Dean Spanos.


“I’m not sure if it was a good decision. I think mainly why he thought it was a good decision is that the stadium was built in 1960-something and the stadium was very old. There’s also great opportunity, fan base, and  income in Los Angeles.” says Bassett.


The hate doesn’t end there. Furious fans have been posting pictures and videos online of them discriminating their Charger merchandise. Fans are destroying their jerseys, pictures and some fans are even removing their San Diego chargers tattoos.


“It’s always going to be the same team, the same players, and there’s no reason to go into your backyard and burn your jersey. It’s even more logical to keep the jersey and remember that’s when they were the San Diego Chargers and that’s when they were in San Diego instead of destroying their merchandise when it could actually be worth something someday.” Bassett states.


With the Chargers movement of course, will come a new stadium. To be exact, a stadium that will cost roughly $650 million dollars to construct. The concept art consists of stadium with a glass dome, a public park, and a convention center.


“I have seen concept art and it looks absolutely spectacular. For what the Chargers need for a new stadium. It will be better than any stadium in the NFL.” Bassett says.


That isn’t the only thing that’s new. The Chargers have also created a new logo. But some fans are creating a stir about it’s new design. Some fans say it looks new and fits the Chargers, but others are saying that the logo looks very similar to the LA Dodgers logo.
“It just doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of personality to it or ownership of the logo. It just feels spat out.” says Bassett.

It’s bitter-sweet for the Chargers and their fans. The Chargers have had an excellent home and loyal fans in San Diego for the past 56 years. But it is time for the Chargers to begin a new chapter with a new stadium, new logo, and a new home in Los Angeles as the Los Angeles Chargers.