Lewis-Palmer Girls Basketball Loses to DCC Thunder in Rivalry Game


Macee Trottner

Preslee Enget 11 running to the basket to make a shot.

Macee Trottner, Ranger Review Reporter

On Wednesday, January 18 the Lewis-Palmer High School varsity girls basketball team lost to the Discovery Canyon Thunder. The girls played at home and had many students and parents supporting them during the entire game. There was a valiant effort made by the athletes throughout the whole game.

This basketball season for the girls has been in favor of them. The have an 8-7 record for the games played this season. The team is very happy about how they have been doing because it is an improvement from previous years.

One student, Kaity Hovasse, 11, is on the varsity team and has been playing for the team for three years. Because she has been on the team for three years, she is very excited to see her team doing better than they have in previous years. In comparison to last years game, she said that the girls did better in this years game although she felt they could have worked harder.

“I think that if I could have changed one thing to do differently throughout the game, it would have been to calm my team down,” Hovasse said. “We built up a lot of nerves by the end of the third quarter because we tied up the points, so if we would have calmed down the game could have gone better for us.”

Discovery Canyon has a new transfer student from Pine Creek on their team which made it harder for the Lewis-Palmer girls to beat the thunder. The Lewis-Palmer girls felt they could have beat them in last years game but they knew going into this year’s game it would be hard because of the transfer. The most exciting thing for Hovasse was when her team came back after the third quarter and closed the 16 point gap that Discovery Canyon had on them.

“The entire game had many good moments and many bad moments. The whole team definitely reached their peak when it came to the end of the third quarter but we became nervous and over thought our chances too much,” Hovasse said.

Hovasse believes that her team has improved a lot this year and needs to keep improving. She feels that her season started out very well and they were on a good streak but lately the team has had a rough patch and are falling behind as the season continues.
The girls team ended the game with a defeat with an ending score of 46-33. The team believes they can improve from this game and continue to win their games for the remaining time of the season. They are looking forward to next year’s Discovery Canyon game and are hoping to have a win against them.