Insides of the Girls Varsity Basketball team


Madison Farrell, 11, defends her basket from an Air Academy player.

Rebecca Crook, Ranger Review Reporter

Most people think of quick feet and three point shots when basketball is mentioned. Many fellow Rangers know the Girls Varsity Basketball Team, but do they really know the players? Do they really know how much the game impacts each player’s life, and how the girls interact with each other?

Arianna Blowe, 11, has been playing basketball since 6th grade and has been playing ever since. She plans to continue playing basketball all throughout college, as well as play through the rest of her high school career.

Shelby Neal, 10, is the only sophomore on the Girls Varsity team. Similar to Blowe, Neal has also been playing since a young age.

When asked about her future plans, Neal said “I think I’m going to finish out through high school, I don’t think I’m going to play in college. But I might do club basketball a little bit more because I used to do that.”

Both athletes agreed that the concept that draws them to basketball is that it’s a fast paced sport. Neal continued to say “The scoring is constant, whereas is soccer you get maybe one or two goals a day.”

“I like how it’s fast paced and it’s a team sport,” Blowe stated. When asked how basketball has positively impacted her life, she mentioned “It gives me a better attitude on things.” Blowe talked about how basketball gives her something to do outside of school as well.”  

Both girls mentioned beating the Air Academy Girls Varsity team as the highlight of their whole season so far. “They were number four in the state and we were number forty nine and we ended up beating them,” said Neal.  

According to Neal, the girls hang out a lot outside of practice. “We have team dinners before every home game and we go to starbucks sometimes after practices.”

Managing schoolwork and sports can be difficult, especially for students in upper level classes. Blowe finds time to do her homework during her off period and after practice, while Neal does her homework before and after.

As the girls’ basketball season comes to a close, the girls are beginning to reflect on their season.  “It’s something else besides school to do, you learn a lot, and you meet really awesome people” Neal answered. All in all, sports can bring people together, and for the girls of the LP basketball team, this sport has really made them draw close.