Broncos Trample the Cowboys


Broncos Quarterback Trevor Siemian preparing to receive the snap

Brennan Lee, Ranger Review Reporter

Sunday, September 27, the Denver Broncos took the victory against the Dallas Cowboys in a 42-17 win. Although many cherished this win as one to remember for the 2017-2018 season, others were disappointed. The Cowboys found it hard to move the ball on their first drive resulting in a three and out scenario. Meanwhile, the Broncos broke through the Cowboys’ defense and scored a touchdown.


The half ended with the Broncos in the lead by 11 points. Matthew Malloy 10, was one  Cowboys fan who was hoping for a different result. “I turned off the game during the fourth quarter.”said Malloy. However, he congratulated the Broncos on the win, accepting it saying, “There’s always next year. Good luck to the Broncos and good luck to the Cowboys.”


Malloy also pointed out flaws in the Cowboys offense that contributed to the loss. “I definitely think they have to improve on the run game.” When asked why he thought the Broncos did so well Malloy responded with, “Definitely a great defense.” Malloy also mentioned that the second year quarterback Trevor Siemian has made a name for himself this year, and that his career with the Broncos should continue.


Kira Drago 10, on the other hand, is an avid Broncos fan. “I was so happy about that game, I was ecstatic.” said Drago. As a Broncos fan she hopes they will make it to the playoffs. So far with a 2-0 record, the Broncos may be able to pull through to the playoffs this year.


Drago also gave her input on why the Broncos swept the game. “Dak threw a few interceptions, so throw better,” Drago said. “we ran the ball most of the game so that probably helped us.” Considering the Broncos ran in for their first touchdown of the game.


The Broncos have also stepped up their passing game as they were able to convert on several downs and get much needed yardage for the Broncos. The fact the Broncos were able to connect with their passes also helps as a great offense.


Malloy 10 also said that “We need to remember last year we did lose a very early game against the Giants at home, but we won ten or so games after.” He goes on to say, “It’s just a matter of time to see if they can adjust after this loss.”


The Broncos offensive and defensive game should be enough to tackle the Bills next week. As for the Cowboys, only time will tell.