The Craze for McDonald’s Dipping Sauce


One of the three participating McDonald’s restaurants in the state of Colorado.

Shane Bassett, Ranger Review Editor

The Rick and Morty fanbase exploded with a “WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB” on October 7th when McDonald’s re-released the Szechuan sauce. Fans across the country lined up in front of McDonald’s for hours to get their sweet hands on that sauce.


The sauce was released by McDonald’s in 1998 as a promotional item for Disney’s new movie Mulan. The sauce was out for a short time until McDonald’s discontinued the Szechuan sauce forever.


That was until the Adult Swim cartoon Rick and Morty mentioned the sauce and its deliciousness during its season 3 premiere. Ever since then the fanbase of the show has been demanding the restaurant chain to bring back the sauce. Nothing happened.


That was until the creators of the show were sent a half gallon bottle of the long-lost Szechuan Sauce. That’s when the fans were driven to insanity. The demand became higher than ever before; just for some dipping sauce.


Later down the road on October 1st, McDonald’s formally announced that they will be bringing back the sauce in very limited quantities for just one day on October 7th. This is when all Rick and Morty fans across the country burst with hype.


On the dawn of October 7th, fans woke up before the sun and headed towards the nearest participating McDonald’s restaurant. Some fans waited hours before the 2:00 release. That’s what Jake Carlsen, a sophomore here at LP and a fan of the Adult Swim Cartoon did.


“ I was standing in line for eight hours;we arrived at McDonald’s at 6 in the morning.” Carlsen, 10, said.


There were hundreds of people that stood in front of the Mcdonald’s down in Colorado Springs which were one of the three restaurants that participated in the event.


“I was the seventh person in line, there were maybe two hundred people at the minimum.”Carlsen,  said.  


The demand for this sauce is clear. But for a lot of people out there that weren’t aware of the show, the reason behind the demand for a packet of dipping sauce remained unclear.


“I just wanted to have the day out with my friends and I wanted to sell it on eBay.” Said Carlsen 10.


Only a thousand people were able to get their hands on the sauce on October 7th with each store only have twenty packets of the Szechuan Sauce. To add to the scarcity of the sauce, there were only very select few restaurants in few states.


There were some sauce enthusiasts opened their sauce to savor the taste; others decided to turn around and sell it on the bidding website eBay. There were some listings for a single packet of sauce upwards to $1,500.


“I really wanted to taste it but I would rather sell it.” Said Carlsen.


Within the days that have past since the release of the Szechuan sauce, the fans of the cartoon and the sauce that were unable to get their hands on the packet went to riot. Fans went to McDonald restaurants and would shout and yell saying they want the sauce. Some situations according to users on Twitter posted pictures and videos showing local law enforcement disbanding these riots.


Now McDonald’s has released a statement reassuring the fans that missed out will have another chance on obtaining the infamous dipping sauce.


“Szechuan Sauce is coming back once again this winter. And instead of being one-day-only and limited to select restaurants, we’re bringing more-a lot more-so that any fan who’s willing to do whatever it takes for Szechuan Sauce will only have to ask for it at a nearby McDonald’s.” Said McDonald’s on their official Twitter.


The hype and demand for this sauce were unexpected for A LOT OF PEOPLE. The cartoon Rick and Morty have proven on how much influence it has its fans and the rest of the internet.