First Super Bowl Win for the Eagles


Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady looking for a reciever

Brennan Lee, Ranger Review Reporter

February 4th, 2018, Super Bowl LII takes place and the Philadelphia Eagles bring their fans the very first Super Bowl win. The Patriots who went 13-3 in the regular season, have been to the Super Bowl nine times and won five of them. The Eagles on the other hand have been to three and won one, with a 2017 season record of 13-3 as well. After a few turnovers, failed trick plays, and poor defensive coordination, the Patriots lost the 2018 Super Bowl.

The Philadelphia Eagles had perfect offensive coordination, countering all of New England’s defensive plays. One big part was that contributed to the Eagle’s offense was it’s trick plays.They even went as far to do the same play the Patriots did and failed. They had their backup quarterback, Nick Foles, lined up in the formation to catch the ball. Unlike the Patriots, however, they succeeded in going through with this play. Plays like these that “juked” out the Patriots play coordinators are what helped bring the Eagles the win. The near perfect execution of these plays also contributed.

Now the Patriots are tied with the most Super Bowl losses. Tom Brady is now still tied with having five Super Bowl rings. The Patriots seemed like they didn’t show up to play against the Eagles. Compared to their previous Super Bowl games, it looked pathetic on their part. However, this was still a good game to watch because it was a different change of events, watching the team that has dominated over the years to be taken down by a team who hadn’t won a Super Bowl game yet.

The Eagles played really hard to earn their win and the players deserve the win, but do the fans? Considering most fans are from Philly they are really rowdy, but some of the things they did were questionable. Such as the aftermath of the Eagles Vikings game. They made signs that were disrespectful to Vikings fans. Now, after the Super Bowl, the streets of Philadelphia were in mayhem. Street lights were torn down, windows were broken, huge masses of people marched in the streets to “celebrate” the Super Bowl victory.

The Patriots on the other hand probably didn’t need another Super Bowl win, however it must have hurt a bit for Brady to not have the most Super Bowl rings ever. Most of their fans probably got made fun of by every other team and reports showed that they went to explicit websites to comfort themselves. Belichick, the Patriots head coach, said that wouldn’t let the loss bring the team down and that this was a learning experience for them.

Next year is a new season with new players mixed into new teams with new strategies. Maybe another unexpected team will make it to the Super Bowl next year and surprise the nation. It will be interesting to see how the Patriots adapt to counter new teams. With the second string QB Nick Foles bringing the Eagles the win, the Eagles might make some changes.