Meek Mill Released From Prison

Meek Mill Released From Prison

Mekhi Ozuna, Ranger Review Reporter

After almost 5 months of being incarcerated, Robert Rihmeek Williams, more commonly known by his rap name Meek Mill has been released from jail on “unsecured bail.” Williams received a two to four year prison sentence for violation of probation which he received in 2008 for gun and drug possession. In November 2017 he was arrested for being involved in a fight, then shortly after he was arrested again for popping wheelies on a dirt bike.

There was a myriad of protests and rallies held in Williams’ name. When he was arrested in 2017 a new hashtag was born under the name #FreeMeekMill. Many people believed that Williams was wrongfully prosecuted. People believed that Mills judge, Genece Brinkley, was corrupt and they thought that the sentence did not match the crime. Williams Attorney, Joe Tacopina, spoke with Billboard after Brinkley refused to reconsider Williams case. Tacopina believes that Brinkley was “Infatuated” with Williams, and also Tacopina stated that Brinkley once asked Williams to re-record a Boyz II Men song and give her a shout-out in the song. Tacopina also alleges that Judge brinkley once pressured Williams to leave his current record label to sign with a personal friend of hers.

“It’s an infatuation, it’s some sort of an obsession, and when a judge says to someone can you re-record a song, mention my name and do a shout-out to me about how I [saved] up your life and he says no? Great, now what kind of position is he in?”

Williams had an overwhelming amount of support from athletes, fellow rappers, movie stars, and (not to mention) the general public. With powerful influencers like Jay-Z, Lebron James, Rick Ross, and Drake taking to social media to support their fellow rap star using the hashtag #FreeMeekMill. Nicki Minaj, Williams Ex, made a joke of the situation and tweeted out “Don’t drop the soap.” The tweet was quickly deleted.

People held rallies and protests in an attempt to free Meek. Finally in April of 2018, the people’s work paid off and Williams was released from custody. The first event he attends when he gets out? Williams attended a Philadelphia 76er’s game with Philadelphia’s own, Kevin Hart.

Williams put out a statement on his Instagram stating that he is thankful to God, his family, his attorneys, and his team at roc nation (his record label) He thanks them for their continuous support and encouragement through the tough time that he has been through, and that he looks forward to continuing his music career and reconnecting with friends and family.