Naked and Afraid


Dillon Crump Ranger Review Reporter


At 3:20 a.m. on Sunday, a man got out of his truck at the Waffle House in Nashville, and begin opening fire on innocent bystanders.

The shooter was almost completely naked, wearing only a green jacket. After sitting in a truck at the Waffle House parking lot for about four minutes, he came out holding an AR-15 rifle and started firing. He fatally shot two people outside the Waffle House, then went inside the restaurant and continued to fire, killing a third person and fatally injuring a fourth, who later died at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, and injuring 4 more.


One customer James Shaw Jr, an electrician, had seen a young man move toward the building gripping an AR-15 rifle and squeezing the trigger repeatedly. And when the firing paused, Mr. Shaw, who had just been seated, saw a chance to intervene, he saw the shooter and hid by the bathrooms. Then when the shooting paused James rushed him, and wrestled the rifle away, throwing it across the restaurants counter. Forcing the gunman to run.


“I just wanted to live,” Shaw later explained to the New York Times.


James Shaw Jr., not only saved many lives, but also has started a gofundme for the victims of the shooting. And in his efforts to help the shooting victims, he set what turned out to be a modest goal of $15,000. In a matter of two weeks he has raised almost 15 times his set goal. Making about $227,000.  


  “I am overwhelmed,” Shaw said in a statement, according to the New york Times.  “To the thousands of people who have expressed their care, prayers and made financial donations, I can only respond by saying, ‘Thank you.’”


The gunner had no motive, and left behind no notes or anything. After the arrest he went to jail and his bond was set to $2,000,000.  $500,000 for each victim killed.