Mesa talks about programming dreams


Riley Smith, Ranger Review Reporter

Christian Mesa 9 is a programmer in the making. He hopes to go into a career with programming. He most wants to be a part of the NASA team who sends spacecraft up to space, but would also like to be a video game programmer.

“I’ve been doing robotics, which uses C++, four programming classes which were Visual Basic, C++, Java and HTML. The only three programs that I’ve worked with are Java, C++, and HTML, if you count that. HTML is for websites. Java is more for general purpose, while C++ is infrastructure programming. Nobody really got me into it. I just saw it and thought it looked like fun. I’m interested in programming NASA stuff, because space is what’s going to happen next. We don’t have anything left to do besides go to space. I want to make robots to send into space. I don’t want to go up there though, it’s scary up there.”