AQR Carnival entertains and educates students


Creighton Smith

Officer Chad takes aim and throws a tennis ball Nearly missing his target.

Creighton Smith, Ranger Review reporter

The AQR carnival has been happening since AQR was a course according to Ms. Arguello, AQR teacher, and is an annual event. To students it’s just a fun little event happening every year,  but some don’t know its purpose.                                     

The AQR carnival is a 2 day event, with the intention of exploring and learning about theoretical probability.

“The goal is learning about probability and taking that knowledge and making a game. Then they calculate the theoretical probability and compare to the actual probability,” Ms. Arguello said.

Ms. Arguello commented on her perspective on the carnival and how students felt from her point of view. AQR stands for Advanced Quantitative reasoning.

“The name can sound intimidating to students,” Ms. Arguello said. “It’s a fun project,  so something fun like the carnival is looked forward to. Because of the activities and break from the usual repetitive boring routine we usually see in school.”

Ms. Arguello’s view is that the students look forward to the carnival.

“They seem to be excited for the carnival. They get to decide what their games are and their prizes,” Ms. Arguello said.

(left to right) Sawyer Broussard, Brady Jones, Genevieve Berning pose in front of their toilet paper basket ball carnival game.
(Creighton Smith)

After a two week wait, students got to finally test their games and get their data at the carnival. The games varied from ring toss to toilet paper basketball.

“It’s toilet paper toss, you toss toilet paper into toilets. I think it’s the best one here. We are getting data for hits and misses for each toilet,” Brady Jones 12 said. 

“It would be more fun to play the games but this is still fun,” Jaiden Dahl 12 said.

The games were fun and creative. Tables ranged in popularity, with ball throwing game in the lead and squid game coin drop dead last. 

“[In] Candy Cone toss, we are collecting data for misses, cones and pumpkins. We have had a pretty big line at some points but people kept missing. It’s more fun than class,” Jenna Elmore 12 said.

(left to right)Sofia Brill, Jenna Elmore, Riley Lubbert proudly pose in front of their ring toss (Creighton Smith)

The most popular tables were the ones where you got to throw things. While talking about the dangers of his game mid sentence a tennis ball almost hit Joey Houck 12.

“Our game is throwing tennis balls at bigger balls to hit them off the cones. There’s a lot more misses than hits, but there is a pretty big line and we have had no down time. There’s a lot of balls flying around. It’s kind of dangerous,” Houck said.

The carnival has been going on since AQR began. It has been a big part of the class for a long time, which a lot of students look forward to.4

The carnival helped students better understand the subject while also having fun.