Nick Peltier pursues passion in experimental coding


“I’m an experimental coder. I like computer science, and surprisingly I don’t take tech classes. I got into this programming website called Scratch, and then started making some games on it. I wanted to keep learning coding so I decided to start learning JavaScript and other programming languages. It’s my passion because I want to change the world with programs and applications. Right now I make bots like web applications. I’ll go about doing this by going to college, and enrolling in computer science classes. After that I’ll make my own company and I’m probably going to come up with some new way that people interact with technology. Like some interactive  augmented or virtual reality program that lets people interact online without all the ads and trackers. If I can get to the next level of programming I can make influential complex things like Facebook’s Meta, and change the world like that. The technology will probably be pretty far but still, it depends. Sometimes very far today can be considered basic in the future. I need to follow something I’m passionate about and I want to continue this and live life to its fullest. I really look up to the tech geniuses of the modern age, and I want to improve the world with my skills.”