Spring Sports jump into Action

Spring sports at LP are underway

Spring sports at LP are underway

Andrew Manney, Reporter

As the second semester gets rolling at Lewis-Palmer and winter sports begin to come to an end such as; basketball, wrestling, and hockey. Student athletes are beginning to prepare for the start of spring athletics. And just like the success the schools winter sports had, spring teams are looking for nothing less.

February 26th marked the day that tryouts for spring sports kicked off for boys and girls lacrosse, baseball, women’s soccer, track and field, women’s golf, and womens tennis. Many of these teams found success in last years season, women’s soccer made a great run for the state title but just fell short in the third round.

The baseball team fought their way to the playoffs but lost in the first round of the playoffs to Silver Creek. The men’s Lacrosse team won their first conference title in school history but also fell short in the first round of the 5A playoffs. The women’s lacrosse team also found themselves losing in the first round but with a young team their hopes are high.

With the high amount of success these teams found in last years season it is no doubt they will all be fighting for an even better 2018 season. “Im very excited to play this season and have a great end to senior year.” Jackson Rorex 12 said. Rorex plays baseball for the rangers and pitches.

It’s not just Rorex who is excited for spring sports to take off but every athlete is. “This season will be the most fun because our team is very close and have played together since middle school.” Garrett Rademacher 12 said. Rademacher plays lacrosse for Lewis-Palmer and can’t wait for the year to get started.

Lewis-Palmers men swim and dive springs into action this year and looks to find another season of success. “ Its my last year so hopefully it’s fun” Breck Donahue 12 said. Lewis palmer is off to a 3-0 start and is 2-0 in league events.

Lewis-Palmers fall and winter sports lead to great successes and even a state championship run , and with spring sports starting it is no surprise that the athletes of these sports want to find the same success.