New LP student survies the Waldo Canyon fire


Senior Katie King is enjoying life at Lewis-Palmer. She lost her home in the Waldo Canyon fire this summer.

Allison McPike, Ranger Review Reporter

On June 23 the Waldo Canyon fire started, it wasn’t fully contained until July 10. The fire destroyed 18,247 acres. New Senior to LP Katie King was one of the many to lose her home in the tragedy.

After hearing King’s story it’s hard to see her as an average girl. Luckily when the fire started, she was out of town at a religious function. She said it was hard hiding her emotions when she found out the house she had lived in for seven years was ashes.

With nothing but the clothes she had for church camp and the pictures King’s sister grabbed before it was too late, her life was changed forever.
Today King is enjoying life at Lewis-Palmer. She can be found in the student council or hanging out with her friends. King’s favorite part of LP is the block schedule and of course the students in general.

King chose to spend her senior year at LP: “Lewis-Palmer seemed like a better school than Discovery Canyon. Palmer Ridge wasn’t even an option” Katie said.

Transferring schools is never an easy thing but transferring as a senior, King compares it to feeling like a freshman again.

“The fire was very humbling and it made me think less materialistically and more about my family” King said.

Her family is closer than it’s ever been, especially during the fire. King said that when they had nothing else, the members of her family reached for each other to move forward.

Students at LP have a lot to learn from a student with such a unique story.