The Super Bowl race gets thinner and thinner

Tom Brady preparing for the AFC Championship game

Tom Brady preparing for the AFC Championship game

In recent year the NFL Conference Championships have drawn close to 60 million viewers, this mark however has not been met yet. This year is looking to be the year to beat the mark of 60 million viewers.

With three rounds of the playoffs gone, there are only 4 teams left. These teams combine for a total of 15 playoff appearances in the last 20 years. The New England Patriots account for 7 of these appearances and have won 4 super bowls in that time. The Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packer, and the Atlanta Falcons account for the other 8 playoff appearances and 4 super bowl wins. The Atlanta Falcons have yet to win a championship ring.

According to the website The New England Patriots are coming in as favorite to make and win Superbowl 51. The website which is used for gambling odds has the Patriots chances of winning at 3:2. They are followed closely behind by the Atlanta Falcons who have a chance of 5:2. The underdogs are the Green Bay Packers with a chance of 4:1 and the Pittsburgh Steelers who have a chance to win at 17:4.

On Sunday January 22nd the Atlanta Falcons will play against the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship game. The game will take place in Atlanta giving the falcons home field advantage.

Later that day the Pittsburgh Steelers will play the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship game. This will premiere in Primetime which is the later showing of the games for the day. This game will take place in New England giving the Patriots home field advantage.