LAX Season Prep


Jadon Guida #4 ready for Lacrosse practice.

Lauren Kim, Ranger Review Reporter

Lacrosse season is around the corner and Lewis-Palmer High School students are prepared to start off strong with the new year. Jadon Guida 10, is excited for the new season to start. Guida has been playing lacrosse for 6 years now. He has played for the district every season since he was in middle school.

“I thought lacrosse was a really cool sport and all my friends were playing it, so I’ve just been playing it since. Soccer was terrible, I hated basketball and I didn’t want to try football,” Guida said “It just looked super cool and it has a really cool history with it.”

Guida plays attack/offense, where he is closest to the goal at all times and shoots to score. He wants to keep his position as offense in the upcoming season. Guida prepares by working out and hitting the ball against the wall to keep his ‘stick skills’ sharp.

“I’m terrible at defense. For defense you pretty much knock the crap out of the other team and face each other head on,” Guida said “Playing offense is the only thing I really enjoy. Scoring goals and helping the team gives me a rush.”

Lacrosse is something Guida always look forward to in the school year, although the season goes by ‘really fast.’ He plans on going undefeated for the JV team. Guida’s personal goal is to score two goals every game.

“We do a lot of physical stuff,” Guida said “It’s a pretty rough game. It’s probably close to football and similar to hockey, where you just hit each other until they drop the ball or stick.”

Andrew Manney 11, has been playing since 5th grade. He also plays offense on the Varsity team. He is not certain but he would like to continue playing lacrosse through college.

“It’s really a fast paced game and its unique compared to other sports. My favorite thing would probably be that it’s just fast paced. You need to think and act fast,” Manney said “It’s competitive and physical too so you have to be in good shape to play. The only downfall would definitely be bruising on the arms.”

Manney is prepared to start the new season with his friends. Only 2 seniors had graduated last year so the team consists of all returning players. He has been attending practice the past month to brush up on his skills. The lacrosse team hosted team runs and lifting

“We are pretty close, I’ve known a lot of people on the team from middle school so it’s pretty tight,” said Manney “We definitely want to make it to State, we haven’t been since 2007 so the team definitely wants to change that.”

Lewis-Palmer’s Lacrosse team at the Don Breese Stadium.

Returning players are enthusiastic to play their first game of the season. Their first game will be on March 9, 2017 at Highlands Ranch. Box practices are held every Tuesday and Thursday in Colorado Springs. Regular practices are held every other day at LP field. Lacrosse is coached by Dan Mullins.