Mexican Food and Me

The Grand Opening of Qdoba is today.

The Grand Opening of Qdoba is today.

Laney Nesmith, Ranger Review Reporter

For the citizens of Monument Colorado, December 14th is a day looked upon with much anticipation. The new Qdoba off of Jackson Creek Parkway will have its grand opening.

If there is one thing in common for most high schoolers, it is a love for food– any food, anywhere, anytime. As stated by George Bernard Shaw,There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” Food is what keeps the populations alive, so why not enjoy it? Due to this united love for food, many Lewis-Palmer High School students have things to say about another fast food restaurant opening so close to the school.

Out of 9 Lewis-Palmer students interviewed, 8 agreed with the location, stating that it was a good business move to have it so close to the school and that it would be easy for students to drive over during lunch. Seven of the students also said that they plan on going to the restaurant or getting food from Qdoba once it opens at some point during their lunches.

“I will go to Qdoba everyday for the next 173 months once it opens without fail,” Malachi Keens-Dumas 9 said.

However, not every student shares Keens-Dumas’ enthusiasm. Student Isabelle Verri 9 said she has no plans to ever go to the new restaurant because she does not enjoy the food.

“Qdoba makes some good quality food, and I feel like moving next to high schoolers who are really into food… was a really wise move,” Sam Coit 9 said.

As a final question, Ranger Review News asked the students if there were any other restaurants they hope come into the area. They voted as follows: 4 people for Chick Fil A; 2 for Noodles & Company; 1 for Fuji Mt.; 1 for Uncle Julio’s; and 1 for “I want nothing new, ever.”

The workers for Qdoba has set a date for the soft opening. Now some people might ask, “What even is a soft opening? Why should I care?” A soft opening is a special opening for a small group, in this case Lewis-Palmer High School students. So get ready to buckle up buckaroos, because it is time to put on some big-boy pants and become stuffed with Mexican food.