How Evelyn got her voice back


Lindsey Manor, Ranger Review Reporter

Evelyn, a junior at Lewis Palmer, talks about how she learned she suffered from anxiety and how it changed her life.

“The day I discovered I had anxiety was a day that changed my life. I discovered I had anxiety sophomore year and it showed me how much loss of control I had over my thoughts and my life. When I figured out I had anxiety, I felt like I gained control over my life. Finding out it was anxiety showed me that my thoughts of self doubt and thinking ‘I wasn’t good enough’ wasn’t a normal thought process. It also helped by showing me that it’s something that isn’t entirely out of my control and that I can work on it and learn to control it. Once I gained control over my anxiety and myself, it gave me my voice back. Getting my voice back really helped me by letting me become my true self and allowed me to do what I love, which is helping others.”